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General information
Your LTS breathable waders are constructed with a special outshell fabric designed to be lightweight, strong, comfortable and durable. The special waterproof/breathable technology used to construct these waders prevents water from entering yet allows vapor (perspiration) to exit. This means you’ll stay cool, dry and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions!

Lightweight waders (all makes) are designed with an emphasis on comfort as opposed to other heavier types that are designed more for durability (at the expense of comfort). Your LTS breathable waders are constructed of the finest materials available with extremely high quality control disciplines. However, severe use or abuse, exposure to sharp objects (briars, barbed wire, etc.) or neglect can result in water penetration through tiny “pin holes”, tears or punctures in the material.

LTS breathable waders are available in many sizes. Fit should be loose with ample material to accommodate any normal body motion (bending, stepping, casting, etc). Allow extra room for socks and undergarments if needed. Leg length is most important. You should be able to place one foot on a chair without any excessive binding.

Unpack and unroll waders as soon as you return to home or camp. Rinse with tap water after use. If waders are dirty or have been used in salt water, hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent Do not bleach, machine dry, iron, or dry clean. Prior to storage, your waders must be completely dry inside and outside. Store upside-down out of sunlight and away from electric appliances. Do not expose this product to excessive heat. Keep away from open fires.

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